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The Chronicles of Henry

Waiting on the Heal

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Well, here I am outside my house, staring at the straightaway.

It looks a lot longer than I remember. Itís hot outside. High 80s at least. And humid as hell. I should go back inside. Iíve got a perfectly legitimate reason to stay off the road today.

Bah. Just take a step. Go forward. See what happens. Iím not breaking any records today. Iím not planning any heroics. Iím just going to go for a slow walk around the block to see if the foot feels any better Ö


Itís been a full ten days since I last ran. Iíve only run three times this entire month. Some time in late June I noticed a soreness around the back of my left heel. I tried to ignore it and run through it a few times but it just got worse, even when I slowed down to just two 11:30 miles. After a quick search on the internet I found what I was looking for: Achilles Tendonitis. The first thing I had to do was stop running entirely to avoid making it worse, or even rupturing the tendon. The past week and a half Iíve been limping around, icing the foot down several times a day, stretching, and waiting for it to not hurt as much. I bought some inserts to raise my heels and consulted my doctor, who tells me if I follow his advise I could be running again in as quickly as a month or two.

Mostly Iíve just been waiting, staring out the window at the road ...


I get about a quarter mile into the walk when the heat and humidity make their presence felt. My legs are already feeling warm. At least Iím not out of breath.

A half mile in I decide to take off my iPod. Itís just not comfortable anymore. My legs are starting to ache. A half mile in and my legs are starting to ache. Any last thoughts of going two miles today leave with those achy legs.

Now Iím walking up the hill, on the sunny side of my mile, a few hundred yards from my house. Iím drenched in sweat. My legs hurt. My knees start to complain. My heel hurts.

I curse the sun at my back and limp the last few blocks to my house. Once inside I chug down two glasses of water. The pain in my heel has subsided. I gingerly stretch it out and take a couple ibuprofen. Before going back upstairs I take one last look out the window.

Thereís the road, waiting.

Updated 07-23-09 at 04:31 PM by Henry

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  1. Finbarr's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your injury ... as a preventative measure, I'm doing strengthening work for feet, ankles and core as well as a fairly diligent post-run stretching routine working on calves, quads, IT band and hammys.

    If you're pounding the asphalt you might find relief in exercises to strengthen your feet and help prevent plantar fasciitis - particularly exercise 2.
    Updated 07-24-09 at 11:25 AM by Finbarr
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