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The Chronicles of Henry

The Safety Dance

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Three weeks into training, I'm finally getting some distance out of my runs. Not a lot, but something that isn't embarrassing to admit. The first two weeks all I did was walk. Week One was 20 minute walks. Week Two was thirty minute walks. Week Three, walk-running. And my last run I did thirty-five minutes of five minutes walking/five minutes running. Went over two and half miles.

For those of you who have been following this blog since the beginning you may be wondering why the heck I'm starting out so slow. Marathon training is different than 5k training. Keeping the legs strong and healthy is far more difficult, and so my runs will be much slower, and over much softer ground. Increases at this stage will be pretty gradual. Ok, back to the point of this entry ...

So yeah, I'm finally working up to a decent speed and a decent time ... and then I get a cold. It's funny, but throughout the winter ... through the H1N1 scare of October and November, to the Incomparable Blizzard of December '09 and on into the No Really, This Time We Really Mean It When We Say Incomparable Blizzard of February '10 I hadn't gotten sick. Not a day. It wasn't until the Mild And Actually Quite Boring Days of March that I came down with something that knocked me off my feet.

So Week Four and I'm already in danger of missing a significant block of training. I guess since serious training isn't for a few months this is no big deal, but no one wants to stumble out of the gate. I'm anxious to see progress. I reluctantly skipped my run on Saturday (well not really reluctantly. truth be told I didn't even get out of bed that day) and today is another scheduled Run Day.

So, should I run? I'm not sure. I feel better today than I did over the past few days, but I'm definitely not 100% yet.

It's about 10 am so I have some time to decide. In any case, if I do get on the treadmill it will only be for a walk.

It's now noon. How bad could a half hour of brisk walking really be to a recovering sick person? How far back would missing today set me? Would it set me back more to walk when I still feel mildly crappy?

1:00 pm and I still haven't made up my mind. I think I'll walk it. I'll eat some lunch and see how I feel. Maybe I won't. I can always try tomorrow ...

1:30 pm. Ok, I'll go. I'll go ... yes, I'll go. I'll take some Advil first and see if that kicks in ... and then I'll go. If I don't ache too badly ... I'll go.

1:45 pm. I'm not sure if the Ibuprofen is working or not, but I'm heading down to The Mill anyway. Sometimes, you just gotta say what the heck. I've made up my mind. If I'm going down, I'm going down swinging.

Wish me luck.
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  1. Boone's Avatar
    I've always believed that the hardest part of taking on any great task is deciding - really deciding - that you are taking it on. Few things in life are unconquerable if a human being really decides to accomplish something, and means it.

    Go get 'em Henry.
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